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Keep fit with our exercise DVD's Elderly exercise DVD's

Now the elderly can keep fit with our seated DVD videos. Learn how we can help keep you in good shape.

Reduce the symptoms of arthritis with our exercises

Exercise to help manage the pain of arthritis.

We use props like fitness balls to keep you fit How we can keep you fit, mobile and active

We'll put you through your paces to lively music using a variety of techniques, all designed with fun in mind!

Seated exercise comes to life with our new range of exercise DVD's for the elderly

The Department Of Health recommends that over 65's should exercise 3-5 times a week. - Source: DoH Guidelines 2011

Who can honestly afford a high quality exercise class with a professional trainer in this economic climate?

In the Alive & Active exercise class for the elderly Simon provides a top to toe workout using resistance techniques vital for keeping muscles strong which are key to performing activities in daily living. His entertaining and energetic approach will have the most reluctant keep fitters tapping their toes to music classics they've known for years.

Find out more about our seated exercise DVD's for the elderly

Do you struggle with...

  • Getting out of bed
  • Low confidence & Self Esteem
  • Fear of falling
  • Standing up from a chair
  • Poor balance
  • Getting to a balance class more than once a week?

Then these workouts could be perfect for you! Make a difference to your life with Simon Roll's Alive & Active unique exercise DVD's

Early Christmas present for my elderly Mum and getting really good feedback from her. She is very limited in mobility but needs to keep active to help with diabetes and I can see this being a real help. Needing no big preparation and just being able to press play on the DVD, I think will keep her motivated to the DVD.

Elderly exercise Vol 1 out now

Elderly exercise DVD Vol one

Simon's 1st DVD provides a top to toe workout using resistance & endurance techniques vital for keeping muscles strong & fit which are key to performing activities in daily living. If you have not exercised for years, this DVD is a fantastic way to show you that you are better than you think! His entertaining and energetic approach will have the most reluctant keep fitters tapping their toes all in the comfort of your own chair.

  -   Dr J Cooney from Bangor University gives the DVD a 5 star rating!

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Elderly exercise Vol 2 coming soon

Elderly exercise DVD Vol two (Out Now!)

Simon ups the ante in this, his 2nd DVD. This time he gives you 2 workouts on 1 DVD. It contains:

1: A Balance class which is adapted for DVD, so now you can do the class more than just once a week in the safety of your own home.

2: Simon unique seated circuit class takes senior fitness to a new level!

This DVD is going to test your limits but Simon always says "Do THE BEST YOU CAN!" (and he promises you that the rewards will follow!)

The Former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS, Sir Muir Gray, said "This is an Excellent DVD!"

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This DVD is everything I expected it to be. It’s not too difficult and it is very enjoyable. Simon is a very good trainer Thankyou Simon.

Alive & Active can help!

Our new exercise DVD's is out now

Experience the Benefits of Exercise for yourself with our unique seated exercise class on DVD For just £10 + p&p, have your class whenever you want!

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Another really good dvd from Simon Roll. The exercises generate a lot of laughter, and we look forward to meeting up for the fun. Thank you

I bought this and the first DVD for my mum who is in her 90's and suffers from arthritis in her feet, which limits her mobility. The seated exercise routine is great for her and hopefully will lead on to her being able to progress to the balance routine. Simon is a very amiable character and comes across well in the DVD.

Helping to keep us active when the weather prohibits us from walking out

Seated exercise DVD reviews

I was looking for a suitable exercise dvd for my mother who is in her seventies. She has had a stroke and also has joint problems, so even walking is a struggle. This seated exercise dvd looked ideal. Becca - Amazon review

Amazon seated exercise review

Here at the Peterhouse day centre we regularly use the Alive & Active seated exercise DVD as a supplement to our activities. We find the DVD easy to use and as it is instructional the staff and visitors can work from it easily.Mandi Stovell - Day Centre Coordinator, Bexhill-on-sea

Mandi Stovell, Day Centre Coordinator

I work in a Care Home for the elderly so was looking for help to make exercise’s fun. The Activities Coordinator uses this regularly with the Residents and they really enjoy it.

My husband has Parkinson’s disease & he is able to do these exercises as best he can. The dvd having easy instructions for him to follow & telling him to go at his own pace.

The best thing I have seen for ages. Every capable resident in a care home and elderly person at home should use this dvd for fun, flexibility, fitness and most importantly mental simulation